Top 5 Reasons Why Proper Tire Pressure is Essential

inflated tiresKeeping car tires inflated is not always the number one thing on someone’s to-do list. While it may seem like a little under inflation would not harm anything, there are several reasons why car tires should be properly inflated on a regular basis.

Properly Inflated Tires Saves Money

The average person who drives on under inflated tires for over 10,000 yearly miles can spend money on 150 extra gallons of gas. Over time, that money can add up to 500 dollars a year. By keeping tires properly inflated throughout the year, it can literally save hundreds. In the moment, it is easy to feel like a little extra money is not a big deal. But, once the small amounts add up, it is easy to see that it is a lot more than pocket change.

Initiates Safer Driving

When driving at high speeds, tires can be put under a tremendous amount of pressure. When tires are under inflated, that pressure can be extremely dangerous. Under inflation combined with high speeds can make it harder for the tires to stop quickly without skidding. This means that any quick stops due to unexpected obstacles can become twice as dangerous. Under inflated tires can also cause problems on wet or icy roads.

Lengthens the Life of the Tire

If a tire is continually forced into under inflation and then re-inflated, it can cause the tires to become weaker. Also, driving a car on under inflated tires puts them under unnecessary stress. Because of this, tires become weaker a lot quicker and will need to be replaced sooner. Keeping the tires properly inflated can extend their lifespan for one to three years.

Offers Better Gas Mileage

Inflating tires to their correct air pressure can improve gas mileage by 3.3 percent. If tires are under inflated, it causes the car to slump down slightly. To the human eye, this is almost impossible to see. Despite that fact, it still dumps unnecessary weight against the tires, causing gas mileage to suffer.

Protects the Environment

Every time a gallon of gas is burned, 20 pounds of carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. These carbons are then combined with the oxygen that is being breathed in by everyone across the globe. Any vehicle that is going on under inflated tires can add up to 1.5 extra tons of gases into the environment every year. By keeping tires inflated, it can support both environment and community protection.

It can be difficult to know how often to inflate tires or even what to do. Professional auto repair shops, such as Idaho Falls Auto Repair, can assist anyone with tips on how to properly take care of their tires in order to benefit the car, the individual and the environment.

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